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Who We Are

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Welcome to Let’s Be Friends Academy (LBFA)! We are a Reggio-Emilia inspired child care center in North Jacksonville, dedicated to nurturing children (infants–5 years) and their families. 

…But we are so much more than your typical child care center. We are a tight-knit family devoted to cultivating a fun, dynamic, and enriching environment for your children. 

Our Beliefs

At LBFA, your child will experience a play-based learning approach that fosters growth through fun, intentional, and developmentally appropriate activities. We wholeheartedly believe that childhood is a precious time that should be protected, not rushed. So, we make it a priority to provide children with freedom to run around, explore the outdoors, and revel in all kinds of messy adventures–that’s what childhood is all about! 

LBFA is also grounded in the belief that children are multifaceted beings, each with their unique strengths, interests, and ways of learning. We strive to embrace this diversity and celebrate the individuality of every child, tailoring our approach to cater to their distinct needs and preferences.


Our Approach

That’s why, when we started LBFA, we decided to focus on the development of the whole child. We recognize the 5 core areas of development: creative, cognitive, emotional, physical, and social. We want to help children explore their own interests, to fall in love with learning, and to become awesome, well-rounded individuals. 


Creative Development

We encourage children to tap into their innate creativity and allow their imaginations to run wild. Through art, music, and imaginative play, they discover the limitless possibilities of self-expression.

Cognitive Development

Our approach fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and intellectual curiosity. Children engage in activities that challenge their minds, helping them build a strong foundation for future learning.

Emotional Development

We understand the importance of emotional intelligence, and we foster activities that help children learn to recognize and manage their feelings, fostering emotional resilience, empathy, and self-awareness.

Physical Development

We believe children should have the freedom to play outside, get messy, and have fun! Physical activity is not just about exercise; it’s about healthy growth and motor skill development. Our incredible outdoor spaces and activities work to promote physical fitness and coordination…plus the kids have a blast!

Social Development

Interactions with peers and educators are key to social development. Children learn essential social skills, such as communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution, building positive relationships along the way.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to ignite a love for learning within each child and empower them to become well-rounded individuals. We want them to feel confident in pursuing their interests and passions while embracing the joy of discovery. 

LBFA is a place where children can be their authentic selves, where their unique qualities are celebrated, and where they are inspired to reach their full potential. We’re not just shaping minds; we’re nurturing hearts, souls, and futures.

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Join Our Community

Are you seeking child care and think we might be a fit? We would love to welcome your family to Let’s Be Friends Academy and invite you to become a part of our vibrant community. 

Reach out to us anytime at We look forward to embarking on this incredible journey with you!