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What We Believe

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Child-Centered Learning

We believe in children’s natural curiosity and creativity. Children actively construct their understanding of the world through their unique experiences, observations, and explorations. Our curriculum is fluid, adapting to children’s interests and inquiries. We don’t follow a rigid daily schedule; instead, we let the child’s curiosity guide our learning journey. For instance, if a child comes to the center talking about a trip to the beach, we may explore topics like coral reefs, sharks, whales, aquatic life, and more. This approach empowers children to lead their own learning experiences.


We believe in documenting children’s experiences through photos, videos, and notes. This comprehensive documentation not only provides teachers and parents with valuable insights into a child’s thinking but also serves as a catalyst for continuous exploration and creativity.

This collaborative effort between teachers and parents allows us to preserve precious moments that highlight children’s thoughts, discoveries, and growth. Through photos, videos, artwork, and written reflections, we create a rich tapestry of their learning journey. This documentation not only helps us reflect on their progress and celebrate achievements but also fosters collaboration with others, making education a collective and enriching experience.

Environment as the “Third Teacher”

We believe that thoughtfully designed and inviting spaces inspire exploration, creativity, and a sense of wonder. We strongly value the role of natural outdoor spaces in enhancing a child’s learning experience. Our two carefully designed playgrounds are dedicated to fostering open-ended play and creativity. They feature elements like natural logs, building materials, a mud kitchen, and even an outdoor Art Studio.

Each outdoor space has been thoughtfully crafted with a specific purpose in mind, offering children a wealth of opportunities to explore their ideas and express their creativity freely.

The Role of the Teacher as Facilitator

We believe that teachers act as guides, collaborators, and co-learners, respecting children’s autonomy while offering support and inspiration. Through the questions they ask, our teachers aim to foster deeper engagement with each child’s interests. Our teachers work and play in partnership with the children to create the most engaging and fun learning atmosphere possible, all the while nurturing precious relationships with each one of them.

Project-Based Learning

We believe that children explore complex topics through in-depth projects that encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Our philosophy centers on the idea that children learn best when they actively engage in projects that capture their curiosity and passions. Through hands-on exploration, collaboration, and self-expression, we empower children to take the lead in their learning journey, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning.

Partnership with Families

We believe that parents are children’s first teachers. An active partnership

between teachers and families nurtures children’s growth, with parents contributing insights, values, and support to the learning process. 

Parents’ participation here at Let’s Be Friends Academy adds to the richness of the daily ins and outs of our center. Their collaboration is what makes our palace so special.